Existing Tenants

We want to make your move into your new flat as convenient as possible. We like to provide a personalised service and in line with this ethos a member of our team will meet you at the property at the start of the lease. We will spend time explaining the features of the property including how to use the heating and appliances. There will also be a health and safety briefing including how to carry out your weekly fire alarm checks.

It can seem like a great deal of information to take in but do not worry as all the important points are found on your flat noticeboard located in the hall.

If You Smell Gas

If you smell gas, immediately call 0800 111 999. Read more.

If You Lose Water Supply

If there is no water supply coming into the property check with your neighbours in the event that they are carrying out essential repairs necessitating cutting off supply to the building from the mains.

You can also check whether Scottish Water know of any supply problems affecting your locality.

Repairs, Maintenance and Tenant Responsibilities

During your tenancy it is possible the property will require some remedial attention. It is essential that tenants inform us of any issues as soon as possible. Early and swift notification of an issue usually means the problem can be resolved at an early stage before the matter worsens. You should not instruct your own contractor to attend to the issue as you will be responsible for the cost.

As a family-run company there is no bureaucracy in the management of repairs and we are committed to undertaking remedial work as soon as possible and in many cases within 24 hours of notification.

There are some matters that are accepted across the letting industry as being something tenants resolve themselves. Among these are:

  • Re-pressurising the boiler
  • Ensuring sink and bath plug holes are kept unclogged
  • Resetting the fusebox
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Cleaning mould, e.g. on the bath/shower silicone or elsewhere

Friends Scheme

Many of our tenants recommend us to their friends who are looking for property to rent and in recognition of this we offer a £50 payment to existing tenants where on their recommendation a third party signs a lease agreement for one of our properties.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

As we specialise in student and HMO letting it is inevitable that there will be a time due to graduation or a change in course that tenants will want to move on.

We want to make the outgo procedure as straightforward as possible. In the first instance all the signatories of the lease should contact us at the earliest opportunity in writing to advise us of your intention to vacate the property.

On the commencement of the contract you will have been given a comprehensive inventory. On outgo you should ensure the property is given back in accordance with the inventory. Please note failure to do so may result in deductions from your deposit.